8 Easy-To-Follow Steps To Promote Your Blog

Blogging isn’t easy. influencer marketing agency If it was, everyone would do it. But what is more difficult is letting the world know that you’ve just written a new post! Today, in one of the many Facebook groups that I am apart of, someone asked how they could better promote their blog. This is a question that a lot of people struggle with. I know I certainly did from day one and I still do. Unless you’re blessed with an amazing large profile, new bloggers will always be struggling to promote their content to their audience.

In this post, I’m going to show you how to promote your newest blog post so that you can build a solid audience that keeps coming back for more!

Step 1 Submit your blog to the various blog directories When you first get started blogging, it’s important to tell the world that you’re around! To do this, submit your blog URL to as many blog directories as you can. There are many different directories out there and some are free and some are paid, a simple Google search will uncover some. This process is also great for SEO purposes as it builds valuable back links to your blog initially in the beginning of your blogging career.

Step 2 Post your newest post in as many locations as possible Whenever I write a new blog post, I post to as many communities, groups or pages as I can. I also ensure that I post across all my networks, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram. Yes, that’s a lot of networks. Do I do them all well, probably not as good as I could. I tend to focus on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Google+ is a close third and that is because of the authorship capabilities that Google offers and the contribution to SEO. Before you post your new blog post, ensure that you’ve got a good graphic made for your post. You can achieve this by using Pic Monkey or Canva and if your a Photoshop pro, use that.

Here’s an example of a graphic I’ve made for a post!

Step 3 Ensure that Google+ Authorship is active with your blog This is a step that is really, really important for all new bloggers. Google Authorship is the process of adding your blog to your Google+ profile and inserting the code into your blog header. This then results in search results like this;

When ever your blog shows up in a Google search, your good looking photo will show up next to it, just like the one above. To add this, follow this tutorial from Copy Blogger.

Step 4 Share your blog post to as many Social Bookmarking sites as possible This is the best way to increase your audience and views of your blog in a short amount of time. This will certainly increase the number of views of your blog and this will potentially increase the number of people who will return to your blog if you can great solid content. Social Bookmarking is a service that centralises websites which enables users to add, annotate, edit, and share bookmarks of web documents. For a list of 50 Social Bookmarking sites, check out this post on Search Engine Journal. I personally share to Digg, Scoop it and Stumble upon.

Step 5 Schedule your social media updates for two weeks. Whenever I create a blog post, I then spend another 30 minutes creating and scheduling social media updates for the next two weeks. I do this in bulk using Hootsuite (you have to be on a paid version) and then it’s a matter of responding to comments on social media from these posts. A bit of testing is required to figure out the best times to post on social media but that is a post for another time!

Step 6 Use Pretty Links to make easy to remember URLs A lot of people don’t know about this WordPress plugin but I have to say, it’s my favourite plugin of all time! Pretty Links let’s you add any URL and then transform it to an easy to remember URL. Just like this.

This plugin is great for creating URLs for social media networks like Instagram where you can’t add clickable links. Whenever I publish a post and add it to Instagram, I use Pretty Links to make a good, easy to remember URL so that my audience can easily navigate to the newest post. To install this plugin, simply search Pretty Link in WordPress.

Step 7 Comment on as many industry relevant blogs and be active in your community This is a little time consuming but you’ll reap the benefits. It is important to read and comment on as many industry blogs as you can. Not only is this a good way of getting your name out and about in your industry but you’ll get an idea of what the industry is talking about. When you’re commenting on blog posts, make sure that your comment is relevant and not something generic like

Great post!” If you have something to add to the blog post, make sure that you weigh in on the topic. This will help increase your profile in the niche and soon people will be looking to you for advice by coming to your blog.

Step 8 Include you Blog URL and social media profiles in your email signature This is a really simple step but you’d be surprised of how many people I get coming to my blog from my email signature. Simply including a link to your profiles and encouraging people to visit your blog or like your Facebook page in your email signature is a great way to grow your audience.

Growing your blog is more of a marathon than a sprint and a lot of bloggers give up within the first 3 months of starting their blog. These easy-to-follow ways are a great way to promote your blog when you’re just starting out and an important thing to remember is not to loose faith in what you’re doing. Keep active, keep posting and you’ll see the audience grow over time!

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