Healthy Diet For 40 Years Old

If today you’ve entered the age of 40 years, then it’s time you started paying attention to your diet. It is time you make a healthy diet. This is because entering the age of 40 years is the age at which someone starts affected by problems with joints, bone density, hypertension, and other. Read more details from me clinic. Here is a selection of foods for your diet that was 40 years old:

Brown rice Brown rice as rice is generally served to supply sufficient energy in which each cup supplies 88% of food needs in the body. But brown rice has advantages compared with ordinary rice, which is vitamin B content of 67%, 80% of vitamin B1, vitamin B6 90%, 60% iron and fiber found in brown rice is still intact, not damaged, as happened in ordinary rice.

Eggs Eggs are very good to protect the heart and blood vessels. Studies show that proteins in egg yolks may slow the formation of fibrinogen, a protein in the blood is converted into fibrin, which is important substances that cause blood clotting. Frozen blood that this is the beginning of the occurrence of heart attacks and strokes. But, although the egg yolk can inhibit blood clotting, if excessive can increase blood cholesterol levels. Should select the eggs come from chickens, which is free from artificial feed such as laying hens and broiler feed.

Spinach Cataracts usually strike on almost every person over 60 years. How to prevent this disease is by consuming lots of green vegetables, especially spinach. This is due, spinach has a lot of the content of lutein. Lutein is this which is effective protection from cataracts. Studies in Harvard School found that women who consume enough luletin 2 times a week less.

Fish Pain and joint pain tends to whack at the age of 40 years and over. For that you need a fish that you are protected from your pain. Fish with omega-3 fat content it will protect you. Besides the content of DHA and EPA are very high will prevent you from developing hypertension.

White Water Never underestimate the white water. Water has excellent benefits for your health, such as soothing the body, ease the process of disposal, blood circulation, prevent constipation, prevent kidney stones, activating the enzyme and the bacteria living in the gut, keep skin smooth, reducing the risk of bladder, and others. For that you should drink water at least 2 liters / day equivalent to 10 full glasses.